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Swimming pool chemicals for water sanitation

“Pool sanitation is the process of keeping water clean and safe to swim. Sanitation is required to maintain cleanliness of water and to kill the infectious bacteria, which can cause harm to swimmers. We have a list of pool chemicals for all the problems. Please call us before you think of draining your pool water. We will gladly educate our customers on usage of chlorine and disadvantages of Cynuric Acid that is ban in many countries.


We supply the following pool chemicals for water sanitation:


• Chlorine granules
• Chlorine Tablets
• Anti Algae
• Phosphate reducers
• Clarifiers, Flocculants
• pH reducers and increaser
• Chlorine Shock etc.

Buy swimming pool salt online in Dubai UAE

Pool Salt

To maintain salt chlorinated pools 4 kgs of salt per

Buy Algaecide/anti algae pool chemical in Dubai, UAE | PoolShop Dubai

Algaecide/Anti Algae

Liquid Algaecide Kills algae in the pool Good to u

Buy pool Flocculant/Aluminium Sulphate online in Dubai, UAE

Flocculant/Aluminium Sulphate

Available in powder and liquid Very useful in bringin

Buy pool Phosphate Reducer in Dubai, UAE | PoolShop Dubai

Phosphate Reducer

Main cause for the algae Algae eats phosphates and gr

Alkalinity Enhancer

Is a pH stabilizer 200 grams per 10000 liters of wate


pH increaser 100 grams per 10000 liters of water B


pH reducer Best level to maintain between 7.2 and 7.8

Buy Chlorine Tablets online in Dubai, UAE | PoolShop Dubai

Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets for regular maintenance. Slow dissol

Chlorine Granules

Chlorine granules for regular maintenance of swimming po

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