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A Heat chill pump is not an electric heater, but works like a refrigerator in reverse, inside the heat pump, a refrigerant is used to capture heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the water. Electricity is used only to transfer heat, not create it.


The fan circulates air through an outer evaporator coil that acts as a heat collector. Liquid refrigerant in the air coil absorbs this heat from the air and is changed to a heated gas. The gas is then pumped into a compressor, where compression heats it even more. This hot gas is then pumped into the heat exchanger condenser. As pool water passes through the heat exchanger, the hot gas gives up its heat to the water in the adjacent piping. Now cool, the refrigerant again becomes a liquid and is pumped through an expansion valve into the evaporator air coil, to restart the cycle.

Heat Chill pumps are rated by their coefficient of performance, a measure of their thermal efficiency under specific conditions of ambient temperature and relative humidity.

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